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Merchants will offer even more benefits for using PIX in e-commerce transactions in 2024

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PIX acceptance has progressively increased, and merchants now offer discounts or free shipping to clients who choose to pay using a QR code. In the beginning of January, almost 50% of big brand name stores offered some type of benefit if the shopper chose to use PIX.

The movement pro PIX is growing because it has lower per transaction costs, and merchants get settled faster, providing a healthier cash flow as funds are readily available. Sales through PIX have reached an all-time high with a 90% approval rate.

The survey, which observed 59 online stores in the Brazilian market in January, has been conducted bimonthly since 2021. Since September of last year, Pix has been offered as a payment method in all stores analyzed, along with the credit card, which was the absolute leader in acceptance in electronic commerce until then.

Although Pix first became popular in P2P transfers, transactions from people to companies have been growing month by month. In December, they represented 36% of total operations. A year earlier, this share was 24%, according to data from BACEN (Central Bank). Transactions are expected to increase with the discontinuation of DOC.

The survey also shows that, as the advantages of using Pix grow, the number of interest-free installments offered on credit cards drops. In January, the average term was 5.4 times, compared to 5.7 times in the previous measurement made during Black Friday. A year earlier, it was around 7.4 interest-free installments.

In other words, PIX is here to stay! There are many plans for PIX: PIX for recurring transactions, PIX for international transactions, offline PIX, and installments. The future is promising, and credit card schemes will need to adapt.

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