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Fast forward: The Revolution in Boleto Settlement Times

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It’s the hot topic of conversation, but let me break it down in simple, everyday language. In 2015, when I started working with payments, boletos used to take up to 3 days to clear. It seemed to drag on forever, especially in the fast-moving world of e-commerce.
Countless times, I had issues with merchants I’d onboarded complaining because a boleto issued on a weekend meant confirmation wouldn’t come until the next Tuesday. This wasn’t just an annoyance; it caused real problems for e-commerce businesses. Their logistics teams had to put holds on products without the certainty of payment.
Boleto with D+0 payment confirmation isn’t completely new. Some innovative banks on new technology rails have been offering confirmation for boletos in up to 2 hours for years now. Yet, it was a nightmare for SaaS and subscription companies.
Their clients ended up waiting up to 3 days to start using their services. Imagine paying for the latest video game, only to wait 3 days to play it.
Even though Pix offers instant confirmation, not everyone can use it. That’s where the recent changes in boleto payment processing come in. It’s about financial inclusion at its core.
Finally, after much collaboration, all banks have come together to shorten boleto confirmation and settlement times. Typically, only the newest banks could confirm payments in 2 hours due to their tech infrastructure.
Now that all banks are aligned, everyone wins. Fintech innovations are reshaping the payment landscape, yet Brazil still has a significant portion of its population unbanked, at 18%. This move towards faster boleto processing is a step forward in addressing that issue.
It’s clear this is progress. I believe boleto won’t disappear as easily as DOC did. Through collaboration and technological advancements, we’re seeing real changes that benefit businesses and consumers alike. It’s a win for everyone involved in the Brazilian market.

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