Alexandre Pereira
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For almost a decade, I have helped international companies bring their goods and services to a wider consumer base in Latin America, solidifying my reputation as a Payment Specialist. I’ve had the opportunity to discuss payments with businesses like Viacom, Blizzard, Airbnb, Roku, Netflix,, Fiverr, Tinder, Sony PlayStation, Pay my Tuition, Flywire, and many more over my sales career. While a few of them developed into clients with whom I had the pleasure of working closely, others provided me with priceless lessons that I still use today.

Over the last nine years, I’ve had the opportunity to work on the leadership and strategy teams of some of Latin America’s fastest-growing payment companies. Across the last four years, I had the opportunity to launch Primeiro Pay’s San Francisco operation (which was later acquired by dLocal). As Head of Sales at Primeiro Pay, my responsibility was to increase revenue and business growth. I delved into researching and forming agreements with the most recent payment technology from gateways such as Adyen, Stripe, Ingenico (formerly World Line), and ACI/Pay On. I also helped design features that helped merchants prosper in countries such as Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, and Chile.

When I joined dLocal as Sales Strategy Manager, my goal was to seamlessly integrate and transition Primeiro Pay’s merchants into dLocal’s technology, API and ecosystem. I worked closely with the Sales, Legal, Operations, Tax, and Product teams to ensure that the move from Primeiro Pay to dLocal went as smoothly as possible. Later, I collaborated with Account Management to ensure that the move remained successful.

Now, at PayRetailers, my focus is on managing strategic partnerships with various entities, especially in the sports betting and gambling verticals, to level up payment processing capabilities while ensuring that all cross-border payment activities comply with both local and international financial and governmental regulations.

My roles here are fairly diversified. I don’t stick with one item. I dive into completing thorough due diligence on possible partners, determining their competencies, and developing ways to address issues associated with high-risk transactions. I’m looking for partners who share our company’s goals and are capable of handling large numbers of transactions. Staying on top of regulations and compliance in the payment processing industry, especially the high-risk side, is always on my radar.

Spotting opportunities for tech improvements to increase efficiency and security in transaction processing is another ball game I’m into. Oh, and let’s not forget developing contingency plans and strategies for handling potential crises or disruptions in high-risk transaction processing – that’s part of the game too.

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