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Payment Powerhouse Showdown: How Fintech Disrupts Merchant Acquiring

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The merchant acquiring market is currently witnessing a significant growth spurt due to the increasing popularity of e-commerce and the growing use of digital wallets. This trend opens up thrilling possibilities for companies providing cutting-edge solutions that simplify operations and expand global reach for merchants.

Market Overview and Competitive Landscape

Market analysis indicates that the worldwide merchant acquiring sector is projected to hit an impressive $42.6 billion by 2032 (source), with a consistent CAGR of more than 7.6%. This expansion is fueled by various factors, such as:

  • The rise in popularity of e-commerce and m-commerce.
  • The increasing popularity of digital wallets and contactless payments.
  • The increasing need for adaptable and safe payment options.

The merchant acquiring space is constantly evolving. Traditional players are encountering strong competition from modern fintech companies providing innovative solutions. These new players are shaking up the market with features such as:

  • Platforms that support multiple acquirers: Are provided by companies such as dLocal, Rapyd , EBANX , and PPRO. They direct transactions to various acquirers in to improve approval rates and reduce costs for merchants.
  • Subscription management made easy: Streamlining recurring billing for businesses with subscription-based models.
  • Emphasizing emerging markets: Adyen faces competition from local companies such as Cielo and Getnet Brasil in Brazil, and BBVA en México in Mexico. Meanwhile, cross-border payment fintechs are concentrating on expanding in Africa, a region with significant growth opportunities.

Major Contributors and Their Approaches

  • Adyen: is a global payment powerhouse that aims to secure full licensing as a merchant acquirer in every new market it ventures into. This approach is clearly demonstrated in their move to the UAE, where they addressed low approval rates and restricted card processing by acquiring a local license. Adyen focuses on direct control rather than using a multi-acquiring approach like its competitors. Moreover, Adyen extends its services to include POS solutions in some markets, demonstrating its dedication to delivering a complete omnichannel experience for merchants.
  • dLocal, Rapyd, EBANX, and PPRO: all have a strong emphasis on emerging markets. With their deep understanding of intricate local regulations and payment systems, they enable merchants in these areas. Their versatile acquiring platforms provide flexibility and guarantee seamless cross-border transactions, a crucial element for companies operating on a global scale.

Merchant Acquiring in the Future

The main objective for all payment providers in this industry is to minimize obstacles for merchants, enabling them to concentrate on sales and business expansion.  This translates to a relentless pursuit of innovation in various fields:

  • Creating a cohesive customer journey by merging online and offline payment methods for a seamless experience.
  • Utilizing cutting-edge fraud prevention tools – combatting fraud and safeguarding merchants and consumers.
  • Providing merchants with real-time data and analytics to help them enhance their payment strategies.

With the merchant acquiring market constantly changing, the key is to provide the most thorough, secure, and adaptable solutions. Businesses that are able to meet the varied requirements of merchants, particularly in up-and-coming markets, are well-positioned to gain a substantial market share in the future.

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